Turkey Confit

When I worked in the restaurant, we always were looking for inventive ways to do a traditional turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. A few years ago, we decided to confit the turkey legs, brine and roast the breast, and serve both parts on the same plate. I brought some of each home and my family was sold.

2 turkey legs, thigh bone removed
2 tbsp salt
cracked pepper
1 bay leaf
2 stalks each rosemary and thyme

Season turkey with salt, pepper, and herbs, and place in a colander in a second bowl. Refrigerate overnight.
The next day, remove colander, discard any liquid that has drained into the second bowl, and remove herbs

In a large thick bottomed pot, heat to 225 F:

2 L rendered duck fat, olive oil, or lard

Add turkey legs carefully, and simmer gently in the fat for 2 hours, until tender, making sure the temperature remains constant between 210 and 225 F
Lift turkey from fat and place on a rack to drain and cool
Once cool enough to handle, remove skin, bone, tendons, and cartilage and place turkey meat in a medium bowl.
Using a fork (or your freshly washed fingers), gently pull meat apart into fine shreds.
Place into an ovenproof dish with a cover and gently reheat to serve.