Education Links

Here are a number of links that I like related to adult education in Canada in the 21st century and learning in general:

The Horizon Project: The NMC Horizon Project is focused on evaluating how technology is impacting the world of education globally

BCcampus: BCcampus supports the work of the BC post secondary system in the areas of teaching, learning and educational technology. Nice people too!

VCC School of Instructor Education: Home of the ProvincialĀ  Instructors Diploma, The SIE is a resource that offers courses in adult education geared at those making a transition into teaching

VCC School of Instructor Education Facebook Page: Features daily updates and links from the world of adult education

Linda’s Blog: My colleague Linda and I work together on all things training related, so this is her webspace. She also has a passion for gardening and we may even see some of her poetry pop up here.


This is Vancouver Chef and Musician Dennis Green's webspace