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Hello, Tammy!

Hello Tammy

On New Year’s Eve, 2012, I was playing with my new iPad mini and exploring Twitter, when I saw a tweet from well known Canadian author Douglas Coupland, stating that he was going to nickname 2013 “Tammy”. I was at the time beginning to play around with the capability of the mini as a recording device using the GarageBand app, so spent the remainder of the evening and much of the first few hours of 2013 writing and recording a fun little tune, that ended up being somewhat “soundtrack-esque”

A great experiment, fully created, recorded, mixed, and posted on a little tablet one night!

Chromaticism 123

Chromaticism 123

I started this out with a randomly generated series of drum and bass notes and improvised a chromatic series of notes on top. The run begins with half steps, goes to whole steps, then to minor thirds in the sequence, all starting from the same note.