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Live Rig

Live I run a custom built head inspired by a classic wood panelled station wagon (“woody”) to hold my rack gear, which consists of a Carvin Quad-X (a great 4 channel tube preamp), a Rane SM26 Line mixer, and a Marshall 8008 Valvestate power amp.

This runs into a set of 4 single 12 inch speaker cabinets using 2 vintage early 60’s Jensens and 2 80’s Eminence that all came from old Fender cabs.

I add effects and midi control for channel switching with a Boss Gt-8 floorboard. All in all it’s a very solid sounding rig live with all the flexibility I need in terms of sound ranges.

At home I have a 1979 Roland JC-120 for when I’m not recording direct and just want to make a bit of noise.