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From Andragogy to Heutagogy (Hase and Kenyon, 2000)

This is the first published paper on heutagogy by Stewart Hase and Chris Kenyon, published in 2000. The orignal URL referenced in most subsequent papers on the theory ( is no longer working, but this link provides the full paper in plain html format.

NMC Horizon Report – 2015 Higher Education Edition

This report comes out very year for different sectors and looks at how technology is impacting the world of education. Always a great read.


The NMC Horizon Report > 2015 Higher Education Edition is a collaborative effort between the NMC and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI). This 12th edition describes annual findings from the NMC Horizon Project, an ongoing research project designed to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have an impact on learning, teaching, and creative inquiry in education. Six key trends, six significant challenges, and six important developments in educational technology are identified across three adoption horizons over the next one to five years, giving campus leaders and practitioners a valuable guide for strategic technology planning. The report aims to provide these leaders with more in-depth insight into how the trends and challenges are accelerating and impeding the adoption of educational technology, along with their implications for policy, leadership and practice. View the work that produced the report at

Source: NMC Horizon Report > 2015 Higher Education Edition

Education in the Digital Age

This is an interesting article by Bob Gillet on how education needs to change for today’s learner.

Education today is trying to find ways to serve the most connected generation of students in history. Yet, in many cases, much of what goes on in post-secondary educational institutions in Canada seems to mirror far more the past than the future. Ways of learning have changed dramatically, and we now have access to vast sources of information. But many classrooms look very similar to what they did 200 years ago. At the same time, we now see individual students carrying two or three mobile devices and being connected to the Internet and the world 24/7, except for those times when such connectivity is banned by individual professors or institutional policies.

Source: Education in the Digital Age

Heutagogy Community of Practice

Advancing the Theory and Practice of Self-Determined Learning

This website is an online community of educators and others interested in self directed and self-determined learning.  Interesting reading and discussion for those interested in this topic, as I am.

Source: Heutagogy Community of Practice

A World at Risk: An Imperative for a Paradigm Shift to Cultivate 21st Century Learners

This is a great article by Yong Zhao about some of the challenges facing the education system in the 21st Century

Source: A World at Risk: An Imperative for a Paradigm Shift to Cultivate 21st Century Learners[1]