Without a Hockey Game

Without a Hockey Game

Last fall, CBC had another contest for the “next great hockey song”. Always up for a bit of fun and a challenge, I wrote this song and got a few friends together at the studio to record  it one evening, and ended up as a collaboration between some good friends to bring life to an original song celebrating growing up in Canada and our national pastime! Thanks to all for contributing to the arrangement, and to Mo for providing the studio space to make it happen!

Even though we didn’t win the contest, we are happy to contribute to the energy that has come out of it in support of  The Hockey Project, an initiative started by fellow musician and contest entrant Larry Pegg, who is trying to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention issues through music and hockey, after losing his teenage daughter to suicide.

Here’s the lyric sheet so you can sing along!

Without a hockey game

From all the mornings tying laces before the crack of dawn
To sleepless nights before a game, anticipation going strong
The sound of the Zamboni doing laps around the rink
Clouds of breath in frozen air, the puck’s resounding clink

For every Stanley Cup won on asphalt with a ball
Where everyone’s a hero, one goal will win it all
Whoever puts it in the net will be a superstar
Only interrupted by the goalie calling “car”

No matter how old I become, it always stays the same
It wouldn’t be a Saturday without a hockey game

Hurry up and don’t be late, ‘cause I’ve been waiting all week long
Got the boys all coming over, going to cheer the home team on
Hurry up and drop the puck, we’ve got our favourite sweaters on
Cold ones in the cooler, yelling all night long

For every generation knows, the names we yell may change
It wouldn’t be a Saturday without a hockey game

To every kid that’s ever grown up north of 49
The sound of blades on ice is music that we all can recognize
From games of shinny on a pond to arenas under lights
Once the puck drops it’s the same sweet ballet every time

So now that I’ve got my own kids, the cycle starts again
To early mornings, strong hot coffee warming parents’ hands
Another generation’s turn to love the game we share
That brings us all together, no matter when or where

Whenever there’s a game on, no matter who may play
It wouldn’t be a Saturday without a hockey game

No matter if you’re young or old, it’s always been the same
We couldn’t call it Canada without a hockey game

What would we do on Saturday without a hockey game?
We couldn’t call it Canada without a hockey game

We couldn’t call it Canada without a hockey game

Playing on the track:

Dennis Green – Guitars, keyboards

Lyle Longridge – Vocals

Annabelle Addems – Vocals

Bruce Baker – Bass

Steve Piana – Drums

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