Waiting for the 25

Waiting for the 25

I was coming home later than normal from a speaking engagement, and was incensed when the #25 bus I needed to catch to make my connection home stopped, let a few passengers off, and then didn’t open the front door to let me on. Logic says that if a few people get off your bus, one more should be able to get on and still be at the same capacity or less. This was about the third time in two weeks that I had some sort of hiccup in transit service coming home late, when my bus only goes every hour. After a couple of angry tweets to TransLink customer service they sent me the link to their online complaint form. I took one look at it and decided it would be much more cathartic to write a song while I waited, finally making it home 2 1/2 hrs later. By the time I arrived I had the the backing tracks recorded on the iPad and the lyrics written:

I stand. I wait. The bus. Is late
So tell. Me why. He drove. On by.
I see. It’s kind. Of full. In there.
But in. The back. There’s lots. Of air.

Now I’m going to wait because of the 25!

Would it. Be hard. To take. A sec.
And ask. That folks. Step back. To let.
One tired. Old guy. Get home. On time.
And not. Be stuck. An hour. In line.

Waiting for another bus because of the 25!

So TransLink please, help me understand
Why every time it’s late I have to change my plans

I think it makes sense to commute
And try to help not to pollute
But every time that I’m delayed
I ask myself “why”, then I say

I’m waiting one more time because of the 25!

I see. A bus. It stops. This time.
As full. As one. At half. Past nine.
This guy. He asks. The crowd. To make.
Some room. For us. Cause “Folks, it’s late”.

Finally on my way in spite of the 25!

So see. It was. Not all. That hard.
To think. Of those. Who buy. A card.
To ride. The bus. And pay. Your wage.
And not. Just shrug. And drive. Away.

To leave me standing staring at the rear of the 25!

So TransLink please, help me understand
Why every time it’s late I have to change my plans

So as I stand and wait I’ll fill
Out a complaint, or better still
I’ll take the time to write this song
To help me vent bout all that’s wrong

Waiting late at night because of the 25!
Next time, though, I think I have to drive

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